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Ages 5 - 18 years

     Whether you are a cheerleader, gymnast, or just want to learn how to tumble, this is the class for you! During this one-hour tumbling session we focus on improving the skills you have already accomplished and learning new ones. Our desire is to teach tumbling safely and successfully so that no matter where you perform them your skills they are done well. We work lots of technique and strength. We believe that once you have the strength for a skill the rest is easy.


Cheer & Stunt

Ages 8 - 18 years

     This one-hour class is mainly focused on stunting. We teach back spots, side spots, and flyers the correct technique to be successful during a stunt. Our coaches work alongside the students to make sure we stunt safely and correctly. Students also get a chance to work on their jumps while also gaining muscle through strength and conditioning. This is a great class to round out your cheer!

Skills that we work on:
  • ​Cartwheels
  • Round-offs
  • Backwalkovers 
  • Backhandsprings 
  • Standing Tucks
  • Fronthandsprings 
  • Front Tucks 
  • RO BHS Tucks 
  • RO BHS Layouts
  • RO BHS Fulls 
  • Jumps
  • Stunts

Come Check Us Out! 

First Class is Free!

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