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Bouncing Babies

AGES 18 Months - 3 years 

       This is a 45-minute class and assisted by the parent! Instructors guide parents who in turn guide their children through various activities and obstacle courses. Our focus is having fun while improving listening skills, hand-eye coordination, the ability to move to vocal instruction, and increasing the child's self-confidence as a mover/learner!


Tumbling Tots

AGES 3-5 years

     Our staff is always ready to reward and motivate your child in this 1-hour class as he/she begins an important step in gymnastics and physical development while exploring circuits and basic gymnastics skills. The children will be exposed to more complex gymnastics such as beams, bars, vaults, and basic tumbling all while having fun!


Homeschool Gym

AGES 5 years and older

     Our 1-hour homeschool classes are available for school-age boys and girls, ages 5 and up. Students will get an active and healthy workout through gymnastics and standard exercises, such as running, sit-ups, push-ups, and other physical conditioning. Gymnastics provides a well-rounded fitness experience for all kids.


Level 1 Gym

AGES 5 years and older


     This 1-hour beginner class is designed for NEW students to learn fundamental skills for each event (Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor). Students will move away from movement education and more towards traditional gymnastics. Strength, coordination and flexibility exercises will all be included during each class based on USAG (USA Gymnastics) Guidelines.

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Level 2 Gym

AGES 5 years and older

     This 1-hour and 15 minute intermediate class is intended for students who have a basic skill level based on the USAG (USA Gymnastics) Guidelines. This class builds upon the basic skills learned in Level 1 Gymnastics, as well as skill sequences, introducing the back handspring, and much more! Level 2 focuses on improving technique and form of skills.


Training Team

Ages 5 years and older​

      This 1.5 hour advanced class meets twice a week and builds upon the skills gymnasts have learned in previous levels. It focuses on technique and reaching further skill sets. Once mastered, students in this class move into our Competitive Team Program.


Competitive Team

Our coaches have a passion for the sport and the girls respond. The more they ask of them, the better they do. The girls work hard and the rewards are many. Life has many lessons to teach. One of the lessons we like to teach is that hard work pays off. As we look forward to the next season, we are excited about our future and the continued success of our team program. Teaching in a fun, positive environment allows our athletes to know not only competitive success but the personal gratification of a job well done.

Team members compete at USAG sanctioned local, state, regional and national competitions.

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