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Fitness Center

AGES 18 years and older

(Younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

       Our fitness center is open 24/7 to members to allow every individual the opportunity to get in a good work out throughout the day.  Our goal is to provide our community with a safe place to come work out, enjoy the company, and leave feeling accomplished. We have staff that are willing to answer any question about equipment, weight loss, or strength program. Level Up is the place to reach that stronger, healthier you!


Fitness Equipment:

  • ​Dumb Bells

  • Metal Weights

  • Squat Racks 

  • Cable Crossover 

  • Treadmills 

  • Ellipticals 

  • Bench Press 

  • and More!

No Contract Needed!


Here at Level Up Fitness we are month-to-month


We take cash, check, or credit card


A one time fee of $10 gets you the keycard for 24/7 access.


To cancel your membership all you have to do is return your keycard and no more charges will be made!


It's only $25/month & $20/month each additional family member

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